The date of the harvests is decided by the tasting of the grapes of every plot (skin and seeds). We are looking for a phenolic maturity with concentrated grapes and a good extractability of the tannins. The vinification lasts between 17 and 25 days depending on the vine variety, the soil and the age of the vineyard. The temperatures should not exceed 25° - 27°C during the fermentation phase. The aim is to obtain a well structured and powerful wine with fruit and ripe tannins.


During this first period of fermentation, two to three pumpings up are done daily until the disappearance of sugars and also three sheddings per vat in the first phase of the alcoholic fermentation. After the malolactic fermentation, the wines are transferred into the barrels. Those from the presses are carefully selected and blended according to their quality. They will contribute up to 10-15% in the blending of the wine in January.

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